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Architecture, the design of buildings and environments for people to live or work in, or to enjoy, is DKA’s core business. We offer a high-quality design studio coupled with excellent procedures and working practices which maximise the active time we devote to designing inspiring buildings, for both our and clients’ benefit.

We understand that our designs must meet our clients’ briefs, be sustainable in the broadest sense and, most importantly, be deliverable. Timely delivery of information, robust detailing that takes account of an individual building’s use and physical context, and an understanding of our clients’ funding constraints are key aspects of our service.

The complex and time-consuming demands of the modern construction industry make it easy to overlook the need for high-quality architectural design thought: ideas. Time to think always seems in short supply, especially at the beginning of a project. To combat this we continue to invest in IT and training. Our Information Management System (IMS) automates all project administration and correspondence, and significant investment in the latest building modelling software allows us to remain at the forefront of 3D CAD design.