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Author | Jo Griffin

Jo Griffin
Jo Griffin

Jo is no architect but she knows pretty stuff when she sees it.

She can sing the lyrics to every Children’s TV theme from the late seventies to early nineties and you are welcome to challenge her on that.

Jo is so wise that she would like to have some kind of clinic where you all come to her for advice, while she sits cross legged on a golden pedestal.

29 July 2016

Enter, Stranger! 

Jo Griffin The other afternoon I was stationed at the front desk and answered the front door to a chap I didn’t know from a bar of soap. He had a large oil painting with him and was reluctant to leave without palming it off on somebody.... Read more

17 March 2016

Insert Inspiring Quote Here

Jo Griffin Instagram. They love an inspiring quote over there don’t they. My favourites are the completely nonsensical ones which are so profound – here’s one for you – But the ones I think are downright depressing are the pretty pink and rose gold ‘motivators’, for example... Read more