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DKA has considerable expertise in sustainable design and construction across all sectors and building types. Our understanding of the design issues, regulations and available environmental technologies means we have produced a consistently high level of sustainable performance for our clients. Two directors are qualified BREEAM Assessors and we have a further three BREEAM Associates who can guide project teams through the manual, evidence procedure and avoid common mistakes.

We regularly act as lead consultant applying our experience to guide both the client team and other consultants through the complex credit based system. We have developed a bespoke methodology for collating and publishing BREEAM evidence for a clear and auditable process. Sustainable design is about developing solutions that are site specific, rational and appropriate to the users. This can be as simple as achieving a correct orientation or maximising natural daylight. A range of renewable technologies are considered, but not to the detriment of the form or function.

Once a target is set, we seek to explore all options to achieve best value, future flexibility, ease of use, select the right materials and level of finish. In this way, sustainable design is at the heart of our design service and with each project we learn, improve and exceed the targets we set ourselves.

BREEAM Assessors: Alex Bell, Fabien Coupat

BREEAM Associates: Jill Murphy, Maggie Ewert, Caroline Pocock