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A new direction for DKA

3 July 2017

At the end of June, we said goodbye to Director Simon Lawrence who decided to retire after nearly 22 years’ of service, remaining Director David Kent who founded the Practice in 1993 will be joined on the board by three of the team who have proven their commitment to the Practice and their willingness to lead the team of 22 talented individuals.

James Bastable joined DKA in 2006, Alex Bell joined DKA in 2002 and Fabien Coupat who joined the team in 2001 were all promoted to the position of Director on 1st July.

We asked Alex Bell what he thought about the changes at DKA

“On behalf of myself, James and Fabien I’d like to say how pleased and excited we are to be taking on the role of director.

We have each been part of DKA’s management team for a number of years, most recently as Associate Directors. This role prepared us in aspects of practice management and leadership which we have been able to execute over the last 18 months, becoming increasingly involved in bidding for work, business development and finances.

We each have different but compatible skills which will help with the necessary division of duties and leading specialisms through the whole practice. Having each been schooled in the ‘DKA way’ by David Kent and previous directors, we all believe in the importance of continuing the quality service and innovation which our clients’ trust and respect us for. July marks both the end of a 3 year succession plan and the start of an exciting new phase in DKA’s future.”

We wish them all the very best of luck.