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What is Architecture?

25 June 2014

Our very own Ray Tyner here at DKA has written a fantastic article (if we say so ourselves!) for The Bath Magazine looking at the impacts of architecture on our everyday lives.

Regardless of the type of life we lead, we generally lead our lives within or between a series of buildings. So which of these buildings do we actually enjoy? And perhaps more importantly why do we enjoy them? It comes as no surprise to architects that we ought to treasure the quality of these varying spaces and the context in which they sit. The opportunity for architects to improve the world around us is something we are proud to engage with on a daily basis. Here at DKA we start by listening to the client to gain an understanding of what their ideal environment might be. What makes people tick? If you had the chance to live and work in an inspiring space, be that internal or external, why wouldn’t you engage with someone that can bring this aspiration to a reality?

To read the full article, pick up your copy of The Bath Magazine, out on 27th June.