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DKA and T&S Creative Communications

24 May 2017

Digital Gaggle is Bristol’s biggest and most popular marketing conference, held bi-annually at The Colston Hall. Digital Gaggle is hosted by Bristol’s top marketing agency Noisy Little Monkey and are supported by sponsors at each event.

At the most recent conference in March, T&S Creative Communications were not only sponsors but were offering a magnificent 200 hours of ‘free creative’ . We were one of the lucky organisations to receive 20 hours of this generous offer. We’ve met up with the T&S team at their office in Bristol to chat about what makes DKA tick, as well as covering other serious design related topics such as the correct pronunciation of Nutella and Adidas… We may have gone off course once or twice!

The T&S team are great and have proposed a creative workshop at our studio in June where we will talk all things creative with them and our team.

We’re really excited to welcome them… watch this space.