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DKA Award 2015 Winner – Sam Shortland

9 June 2015

The 2015 DKA Award has been presented to Sam Shortland from the University of Bath. The prize recognises excellence in the use of 3D graphics and presentation in the RIBA Part 1 course. Sam’s scheme was brought to life through her interior and exterior renders produced in a variety of 3D packages. As usual, the standard was very high, but the attention to detail in Sam’s images impressed the judging panel. I’m sure you’ll agree her images show great skill and lifelike representation.

Congratulations to Sam Shortland from all at DKA!

Project description:

Digital Nature

Digital nature is a digital retreat where recent graduates can found their own web or software based company. The scheme forms an incubator allowing these start-up businesses to be nurtured and grown.

The scheme strives to create a canvas to allow for collaborative social interaction, the sharing of ideas being key to the success of the scheme. A range of social spaces creates many different opportunities for social interactions.

The scheme also explores the inspirational quality of nature and the juxtaposition between permanence and transience