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DKA Award winner 2017 – Scott Chen

4 July 2017

DKA is proud to support the RIBA Part I architecture students at the University of Bath. To recognise the students hard work, a small DKA judging panel takes the yearly pilgrimage to the University in search of the best computer generated graphics for the DKA Award.

Based on the graphics exhibited, the panel chose Scott Chen as this years winner!

Congratulations Scott from all at DKA!

Project Description: “As a historic market town, the market is an important character in the memory of Dorchester which defines the town as a centralization of trade and a place for people to meet in the county.  Nevertheless the global decline of the typology since the last century is unfavorable for the town, causing Dorchester to become a less popular destination and a place losing its identity. The project aims to bring the market back to the town in a more central position to regenerate Dorchester. Evoked by the Roman history of the town, the project is inspired by the Roman Forum and aims to explore the social meaning behind the marketplace, proposing a typology that integrates market and social programs including a community hub, theatre, gallery, auction house, and cafe. The building will become a home for different community groups in Dorchester, and the space will hold a variety of events, lectures, shows, musicals and exhibitions which encourages possibilities to happen. Regarding markets as a theatre of life, the scheme intends to create a stage to celebrate the interaction of people, becoming a social hub in Dorchester for people to shop and meet in the new Century.”