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When the going gets tough, the tough get muddy

6 May 2015

Ballet, horse riding, roller skating, Taekwon-do, skiing and snowboarding are just a few of the pursuits Becky has given a go through the years.

In March, she trained and completed the Bath Half with her fellow DKA runners and last weekend she became DKA’s 2nd Tough Mudder!

With the Get Fit in Bath team, she plunged into an ice filled shipping container, army crawled through tear gas, scrambled over ridiculously high walls, got electrocuted… and of course as the name suggests, got very muddy on the way.

‘I was so nervous before doing Tough Mudder but I had no reason to be. The atmosphere was amazing and the Get Fit in Bath team were great; everyone helps everyone else and it was a surprisingly fun challenge (despite being electrocuted at the end!) I will be rounding up some DKA recruits for Tough Mudder 2016… so watch out guys!’ – Becky

Watch a video from the day itself here!