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7 November 2014

In celebration of our commitment to nurture young creative talent, DKA were not only a sponsor of this year’s The Telegraph Children’s Bath Literature Festival, we also held an exciting drawing competition for children from the ages of 2 to 11. The entries have been displayed in Bath Central Library all week and will be up this weekend. The judging panel, selected the winners today. All the entries caused a huge buzz in the studio at DKA and we found it so hard to pick out a winner, we had to award two entries with ‘Runner up’!

Taking the prize for the 6-11 age group was Jenny from Moorlands Federation. Rio Hambury Young from The Paragon school won for the 2-5 age group.

We thought Jenny’s design of her dream classroom was creative and practical. Her design included all manner of things from a tree house, learning centre, cinema and animal zone. The design even included toilet facilities and a drop off/pick up area away from the playground!

Maddy from Moorlands Federation was our first runner up. Her ideas were original and fun, her classroom included an explosion room and body guards, but our favourite bit about Maddy’s design was the all you can eat buffet! The 2nd runner up entry was from Abi and Charlotte, also from Moorlands Federation. They designed their dream classroom together, we loved their joint effort.

Rio from Paragon School was our youngest winner and her design caught our eye straight away, her dream school is represented by three castles!

Thank you everyone who participated and well done to Jenny and Rio!

Click here to view the winners entries in full