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Work Experience in our Bath office

6 March 2014

Rob and Sharai, 6th Form students from Beechen Cliff School in Bath, joined us for work experience over February half term. Here is their account of their week:

‘The start of work experience laid the foundation for what we were taught the rest of the week. Firstly we met the DKA team and we discussed their roles and specialities within the practice, which led on to us learning about the processes behind designing a building. These processes were applied to making a ‘human size’ structure out of timber called the ‘Creativity Capsule.

We then learned how architects translate 2D plans into 3D buildings, through the use of plasticene. This linked directly to our next project: to design and produce a model of a beach hut. The project involved drawing 2D plans and elevations, transferring them on to the computer and using these as the basis of our 3D model. One of our designs was an oval shaped beach hut which would hang from the trees and the other was a hexagonal tower made of sustainable materials.

We enjoyed the week and found the practical skills very intriguing. We would recommend this work experience to any aspiring architect.’