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Project Management

Our architectural work and role as Lead Consultant give us a fundamental appreciation of the overall project process. We understand what makes a project successful from the points of view of different stakeholders, whether it be client satisfaction against benchmarked standards or completion on time and budget. The inherent skills of an architect are typical of those required of a good Project Manager (PM), although they may applied differently via more focused methodology and extended set of management and control procedures.

We recognise the specific role of PM, and believe that successful project management is about more than developing Project Execution Plans or completing Change Control Documents. For a project to be successful, interpersonal relationships are crucial in creating an environment within which all team members can achieve shared project goals. A good PM should not ask anything of his team that he is not prepared to do himself. The success of a project can depend on his ability to understand the process at all scales and to guide the project team through a proactive team environment. At DKA we have the knowledge and skills to ensure your project is a success no matter the size or challenge.