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Dementia-Friendly Design

We aim to develop design schemes that improve quality of life for people with dementia by facilitating independence and providing opportunities for social engagement. A well-designed, homely environment can help compensate for disorientation and reduce required assistance, restoring dignity to residents and giving peace of mind to their families.

We can provide advice on dementia-friendly design principles at all stages of a project, whether new-build or refurbishment, and have substantial experience in the healthcare sector. We have also advised on accommodating the needs of older people in public buildings and have completed several schools designed for children and young people with cognitive impairment.

Our Dementia-Friendly Design expert, Rebecca, authored the Dementia Strategy for Bridgwater Community Hospital, which has now been adopted as a training tool by NHS Somerset. She is currently developing an in-house guide to ensure all staff members are aware of best practice and new guidance.