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Exeter House

Exeter House School provides a rich educational experience for 97 pupils aged from 2 to 19 years, with a wide range of special needs in a building that, despite many favourable characteristics, was desperately short of space and facilities. As well as a new sports hall, the extension and alterations have provided extensive teaching and ancillary accommodation for pupils of secondary school age and Post 16, a dedicated facility for pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and a Nursery Unit. This has enabled the school to develop and enhance curriculum and pastoral care for these pupils.

The building has enhanced and extended the external areas, providing dedicated calm areas for pupils, stimulating and creative nursery space, a private area for Post 16 pupils, as well as a new focal courtyard for the whole school. Form and materials integrate the new building with the existing whilst creating enjoyable, colourful internal and external spaces. The top lit central ‘arcade’ with its balconies overlooking the lower ground floor creates drama with its displays of pupils’ work, and provides an important focal space for the new school.