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Millfield School Dining Hall

DKA were selected by limited design competition to design the new 550 seat dining hall for Millfield School. The building forms a central part of Millfield School’s campus development plan and has proven to be a successful social and meeting space as well as dining room. The plan was carefully considered to create new external spaces around the building as well as to avoid disturbing a number of existing mature trees. It also exploits a natural slope that allowed us to make the main entrance on 2 levels.  This significantly eased the design of twin serveries which were needed to cope with the throughput at peak times. A balcony on the south side of the hall provides a pleasant dining environment in summer and acts as a viewing gallery for the adjacent rugby pitch.

DKA were recently re-engaged to help with the installation of a large array of photovoltaic cells on the south facing pitched roof, for which it was ideally suited, both in terms of aspect and pattern of use. It is expected that the array will generate the building significant energy savings.