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North Wiltshire District Council Offices

This building is situated in Chippenham town centre overlooking the River Avon. It provides 6000sqm of flexible office space, public meeting rooms, committee rooms, council chamber, refectory and reception area over 6 floors and achieved BREEAM ‘Excellent’. It uses natural ventilation and exposed thermal mass of concrete floors linked with controlled night time cooling to regulate internal temperatures.

By day the stack effect operating within a central atrium space expels warm, stale air. Fresh air is introduced through opening windows at the perimeter. Exposed concrete soffits absorbs heat given off by equipment and occupants, reducing peak day time temperatures. At night the Energy Management System opens louvres within the atrium and at the building perimeter, allowing the stack effect to operate once more, this time drawing in cool night time air, which pre-cools the building for the next day.

DKA was commissioned in 2013 to refurbish and adapt the building as part of Wiltshire Council’s Transformation Project.