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DKA are committed to developing design solutions to improve the built environment. In partnership with clients, consultants, contractors, local authorities and other participants in the development process, we seek to control the impact of our projects on the natural environment and local communities. We have been delivering highly sustainable buildings for over 30 years, reducing the energy consumptions of our clients’ buildings and improving the experience of the building users.

We endeavour to raise the awareness of our clients of the benefits of development with a reduced impact on the environment and to encourage the adoption of the best practice for the design, operation, management and maintenance of buildings. This is never a one-size-fits-all solution and various methods can be employed to maximise the benefit to a particular site or end user. These can include recognised certification schemes like BREEAM or Passivhaus, or can be design principles based around Net Zero Carbon and life cycle analysis.

We regularly act as lead consultant, applying our experience to guide both the client team and other consultants. We have developed a bespoke methodology for recording the client’s sustainability targets and reporting as part of an audited process. Once a target is set, we seek to explore all options to achieve best value, future flexibility, ease of use, select the right materials and desired level of finish. Our understanding of the design issues, regulations and available environmental technologies means we have produced a consistently high level of sustainable performance for our clients.

For more information, you can read and download our brochure ‘DKA are Passivhaus Ready’ here.

BREEAM Associate: Caroline Pocock

“ Sustainable design is about developing solutions that are site specific, economic and appropriate to the users ”
Alex Bell - Director