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Working From Home…

It wasn’t the best decision of my life to head off to the Canary Islands in the middle of March but, you know, hindsight is a wonderful thing. Who knew when I did eventually get back and immediately start working from home that my epic tan was going to be so vital for Microsoft Teams® meetings. “DM you’re very dark can you put a light on” That’s nothing to do with the lights Mr Kent! While I was away, I knew things were getting interesting back at the studio when I was suddenly added to a DKA Whatsapp group chat…. READ MORE

The world really is their oyster

Avid readers of my blog (thanks mum) may remember I was asked to conduct some mock interviews at St Gregory’s school in Bath at the start of the year. I was pretty pleased with myself when the school emailed me to ask if I would come back in March to help with their Career Insights day for their year 10 pupils. The first thing I had to do was work out how old year 10s were. It’s been a few years since I was at school, 26 years in fact. It appears that year 10s are 14-15 years old, that… READ MORE

The future is bright

The first crisp January morning of 2016 saw me nervously approaching reception at St Gregory’s School in Bath not knowing what to expect. I may have left school 25 years ago but there was a familiarity as soon as I walked through the front doors. As the bell/siren/klaxon sounded the corridors filled with swarms of students, (not sure if that’s the collective noun but it seemed to fit) all with somewhere to be, followed closely by efficient teachers with lesson plans and bags of marked homework (were they teachers or upper sixth students?) I’m suddenly feeling very old. The smell… READ MORE


Wise words indeed from Grace Jones in her 1985 world-wide hit “Slave to the Rhythm” The funny thing is, if you’ve got an A’ level in Computer Science (luckily I have), or a child aged 3 or above (sadly I don’t) you can sync your iTunes library to your Fitbit activity tracker and low and behold on your Wednesday lunchtime run, (DKA gives us two hours so we have time to shower and eat too!) everything fits into place when Ms Jones pipes up with this little belter from back in the day. A smirk appeared as I pounded the… READ MORE

Pivot, filter, step ball-change

When I first started work in a dusty old accounts office way back in 1992, there was an odd mix of carbon paper, manual ledgers and tiny green screened monitors attached to terminals that allowed us access to either the Purchase Ledger or the Sales Ledger but not both and only the people down the hall knew anything about the Nominal Ledger or a budget. However, there was one other thing in that dusty attic room of the rather stately mansion house that I worked in, the computer that had Lotus 123 installed on it (and probably not much else)…. READ MORE