Blog posts by Jon Fifield

The Dom-Ino Effect

DKA’s recent building experiences have involved off-site building techniques, where modular building components are fabricated off-site, then delivered and assembled on-site. The industry calls this ‘Modern Methods of Construction’ or MMC. We have been assisting The McAvoy Group in developing several such schemes for our commercial and healthcare sectors. The processes and constraints of modular build informs various aspects of the building design, even at early stages. Our recent ventures have prompted some reflection on a building technique which historically has proven to have a strong lure for architects. Lego of course, in its various guises, would be expected to… READ MORE

Student Mentoring in Lockdown

Oh, very young What will you leave us this time You’re only dancing on this earth for a short while… Oh, very young What will you leave us this time. A few lines from probably my favourite (Yosef) Cat Stevens song. Just a bit before my time I would add. Worth a listening to if you don’t know his work, although you’re bound to recognise some of his songs. His folky-pop, combined with messages of existential spirituality could be considered especially apt for our present situation with the pandemic. At DKA we have always taken an interest in supporting young… READ MORE

Exercise is bad for you.

True to my Welsh origins I like my rugby. Whilst enjoying the proper contact stuff I considered touch rugby, supposedly the gentler cousin of the full contact game, a safer and more responsible alternative. I’ve played at our local club regularly for about the past 8 years thinking it was out of harm’s way. A run out once a week, a bit of banter and some social time afterwards. A good form of exercise and a weekly antidote to the stresses and strains of life that had until now served its purpose. As a big man it was nice not… READ MORE