Working From Home…

...and not in the "quotation marks" way

It wasn’t the best decision of my life to head off to the Canary Islands in the middle of March but, you know, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Who knew when I did eventually get back and immediately start working from home that my epic tan was going to be so vital for Microsoft Teams® meetings.

“DM you’re very dark can you put a light on”

That’s nothing to do with the lights Mr Kent!

While I was away, I knew things were getting interesting back at the studio when I was suddenly added to a DKA Whatsapp group chat. I knew things were really serious when it was rebranded with the correct logo.

So fast forward a bit. Here we are on the third week of DKA being scattered to the four winds. Thankfully, all my colleagues are fit and well and this ‘New Normal’ is working really well for me.

Of course, all of our IT works remotely, all of our systems and procedures are actually being put through their paces and they all work so, in practice, it’s business as usual.

My job is the same, I have a nice set up at home that I can close the door on at the end of the day, I’m also a stickler for a routine so I’ve made a new one that I can be a stickler for.

So, I really don’t need another blog on the perfect home working set up, or how to get the most out of my day and keep my mental health in check I’m good at all that. I’m also incredibly grateful that this situation quite easy for me compared to many others.

But I’m really missing a few things (and a lot of people):

The DKA office

I miss everyone arriving for work exactly when they arrive for work. I miss the piercing phone ring. The door buzzer, The coffee machine that turns itself on, then off, then cleans itself and rarely makes a drink without a huge fuss.

I also oddly miss the way certain people sneeze. Or blow their nose.

I also miss those weird running work jokes and the songs that sit in our heads for days on end.

90 minutes! Anything Des’ree ever sang. Chris! The first four bars of The Venga Bus. And the Jurassic Park music when we figure out a problem! 

You have to be there, it’s an absolute laugh-riot!

It all feels quite comforting when I reminisce about it but I’m also quite sad that I can’t have that at the moment. It’s just not the same over a remote connection.

So, we flex and we pivot and we get our work done and we check in with each other and I’m absolutely sure everyone is doing the same across the country and across the world but I seriously can’t wait to get back to working with the whole team again. I’m missing the ‘old normal’ and I want it back very soon … hopefully before this tan fades.

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