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Feasibility studies for countywide school expansions

Over the course of two and a half years from early 2015, DKA provided Wiltshire Council with individual strategic assessments of the potential for expansion at 42 independent school sites across the county. This information was needed to enable the Local Authority to best determine their educational needs and respond to planning policies and contribution from developers in relation to Section 106.

“ Excellent feasibility study - DKA considered a variety of options that best suited the site ”
Client - Wiltshire Council

In seven batches, each report reviewed the site constraints and determined the maximum number of pupils that could be accommodated on site. This maximum capacity was then compared to the existing pupil number on role to advise if expansion would be possible. The reports also examined other issues affecting the viability for expansion (topography / access / public right of ways / ecology / flood risk / utilities), as well as suggesting a possible location and size for any expansion.

From the initial 42 strategic assessments, a feasibility study was completed for seven schools namely:

  • Harnham infant school, Salisbury
  • Harnham junior school, Salisbury
  • Lea and Garsdon primary school, Lea
  • Princecroft primary school, Warminster
  • Corsham primary school, Corsham
  • Walwayne primary school, Trowbridge
  • Priestley primary school, Calne

The study looked at each site in more detail with a design strategy developed to resolve the inadequacy in the existing accommodation, as far as practical within the constraints of the existing buildings and site.

From these seven schools, four (Princecroft, Corsham, Walwayne and Priestley) were further developed to a fully costed concept design, which included consultation with all relevant stakeholders, including planning pre-application advice.

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