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RIBA Student Mentoring Scheme

Proud to nurture the next generation

DKA offer mentoring to second year students at the University of Bath as part of the RIBA Student Mentoring Scheme. The scheme introduces fledgling students to life in an architectural office before their first period on placement.

The process is 1:2 or 1:3 which allows mentors to get to know students and understand their individual interests and, where possible, tailor sessions to suit. For example, when Adeyinka Adebiyi was with DKA she expressed a strong interest in Interior Design and therefore was able to have a conversation with our Senior Designer, Rebecca Furse about Interior Design and Environmental Psychology.

Construction site visits are valuable experience and in 2017/2018 students made visits to the Queen’s Engineering Building at Bristol University in the Higher Education sector and to a £30m project in the Precision Engineering sector.

Back in the DKA studio, Senior Architect, Adrian Abbs talked students through the successfully completed Bridgwater Hospital build with the 2017/2018 mentees to help them understand the real-life processes that lead from project inception to completion. This proved particularly helpful to the students that year because they were in the process of designing a Health Centre as part of their University studies.

At the end of the mentoring period, students are encouraged to put together and deliver a short presentation about their experience. This allows them to reflect and take on-board the new knowledge acquired.

The student mentoring scheme is a rewarding process for both sides and DKA are pleased to help nurture new talent in the industry.

“ Taking part in the RIBA mentoring scheme at DKA was very rewarding. During my time here, I was fortunate to visit their site at the University of Bristol engineering department; I found it very exciting as it was my first ever time on site in the UK. It was insightful, and I learnt about things to consider in building for existing structures, and I got to see how site managers and architects interact at first hand. In addition, I became more aware of the variation of architecture and design in different sectors; this being in the educational sector. I would definitely recommend student mentoring at DKA as it was a great eye opener to the life of an architect, and every day I was learning something new! Also, they have a lovely work environment with welcoming people! ”
Adeyinka Adebiyi – Student (University of Bath, Year 2 - 2017/2018)