My Work Experience | by Imogen Cartwright

Since I was young I have always wanted to pursue a career in design and architecture or design engineering was ideal due to my love of designing. Enrolling in an architect’s office for work experience would be perfect in acting as a springboard to my career development and would really benefit me in the future. It would also allow me to see what an architect does on a daily basis and would then allow me to see if I would like to pursue a career in it. The reason why I picked DKA is because it would allow me to experience and learn what an architect does on a daily basis. Another reason why I choose DKA is because there designs are interesting and creative, something that I aspire my designs to look like.

One of the tasks we did was to look at different projects and pick out are favourite ones. The one I liked the most was Mellor Primary School. The reason why this is my favourite building is because it is very unique and interesting. I think it is amazing what they have done considering that they only had a small budget. The wood design gives it a different look and texture. Due to it being made out of wood means it is eco-friendly. Also due to it being made out of wood makes it very eye-catching and quite modern. It is also a perfect design for the environment it’s in because it is very interesting for the primary school children to look at and study.


Mellor Primary School, by Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

Mellor Primary School, by Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

Timetable of week:

Day 1:

  • Tour round the office
  • Met all the staff
  • Looked at what an architect does
  • Measured and drew the kitchen
  • Made some models using elevations

Day 2:

  • Introduced to the design project
  • Sketched down ideas
  • Finalised ideas

Day 3:

  • Made CAD drawings of final idea
  • Started model

Day 4:

  • Carried on with model
  • Brought materials for model

Day 5:

  • Completed models
  • Photo shopped photos
  • Presented models to everyone.

I enjoyed every part of my work experience but my favourite part of work experience was designing and making a Bar/Café for the Island project. The island project is a little project that work experience students are set when they come. The design brief is to design a Bar/Café on the canal island which people would come to and would be a tourist destination. During this project we learnt how to use the CAD software and then using those designs on the CAD software we were able to make a model.


My model is a design of a Bar/Café that would be built on the canal island. It covers the whole island and is two storeys high. It has a stone floor which runs all the way through the site making it feel like the inside and outside is all one. There are lots of windows and folding doors to allow the people to see the views. The building would be made out of wood and have a strong timber structure, to allow it to be eco-friendly and have a natural feel to it. At the front of the building are steps leading down to outdoor seating covered by a canopy. The canopy gives it a dramatic effect and makes it very eye-catching and unique but is also very practical to stop the sun getting in people’s eyes. On the second floor is more seating, which can be used for different events etc. but also allows people to see over the trees and see the stunning views of bath. Once we completed the models we took some photos of the outside.

With the photos we took, we selected one and photo shopped it.


Once we had made are models it was time to present them. I found the prospect of presenting in front of everyone a very daunting experience but it wasn’t as bad as I thought! Everyone was very supportive and gave lots of encouraging feedback.

I have learnt a lot whilst being here on work experience. I have met lots of new people and learnt what they do on a daily basis. I have also learned how to use one of the CAD systems which will really benefit me in the future. From this experience I am still keen in pursue a career in architecture or design engineering and it has acted as a spring board in my career development. I would like to thank everyone in the office for a great work experience and I defiantly recommend that other students enrol in work experience at DKA too

By Imogen Cartwright

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