Best of the Basins

Basins that will refresh your hand washing experience

We’re all spending a lot more time stood at basins and sinks these days – so, in case anyone is pondering an upgrade once this is all over, I thought I’d pick out a few of my favourites from last year’s shows…

Rockwell by The Water Monopoly

Basin Best of 1

Based on a traditional metal basin, Rockwell is actually ceramic and comes in lots of lovely colours – I love the matching taps. Would add some quirkiness to a downstairs loo, or could be great in a school. Large versions (including double) and whole matching suite also available – if you’re feeling brave!

Happy D.2 Plus by Duravit

Basin Best of 2

I saw this basin at Grand Designs (NEC) and was drawn to it because of it’s unusual mix of gloss white and ‘Graphite Super Matt’ ceramic, joining crisply along the top edge. It looks really sleek as a an above-counter basin with a black tap. The range is designed to work seamlessly with the matching vanity units, so great for keeping surfaces uncluttered in an ensuite or main bathroom.

Tu-yo by Graffio

Basin Best of 3

I spotted this at London Design Fair but it’s taken me ages to track it down (remember to get enough stand signage in your photos!). Designed to be used internally or externally, their range of taps and showers would be great for using poolside or for a communal handwash area and come in a range of colours. I really like the chunky industrial style of them.

Pop by Sanjura

Basin Best of 4

Very modest, but tidy and great where you have limited space – perhaps a downstairs loo or, on commercial projects, a Gender-Neutral Superloo. The vanity unit is obviously intended for storage, but also does a great job of hiding the trap. There are loads of variations (materials and sizes) and the website has a great configurator to help you work out what you need.

Simple 105 by NIC

Basin Best of 5

Also at London Design fair, this washstand has some definite mid-century vibes – particularly in matt duck-egg ceramic and walnut. This one is probably better suited to a residential or hospitality setting, as there’s plenty of space for swish toiletries and fluffy white towels.

Elle Tonda by Cielo

Basin Best of 6

Really smart and, with lots of modular accessories, flexible too. I can imagine two of these as a great his and hers setup, several in a washroom, or just the one alone – and no need for a separate splashback! I saw this in blue with brass taps and rounded mirror at CP Hart’s Manchester showroom but, despite being drawn to colour at the moment, I think it looks really strong in monochrome.

Slam by Bizazza

Basin Best of 7

Another one for the brave, but I don’t see how this little basin can fail to make you smile. Imagine three, one of each colour, with matching mirrors in a washroom – it would brighten anyone’s day. To complete the set, there’s another basin called ‘Splash’, the bath is ‘Plouf’ and the mirror is ‘Wow’ – Available from CP Hart as the Mahdavi Collection.

HBN 00-10 HTM64 Contour 21 by Armitage Shanks

Basin Best of 8

This one is far less glamourous than the others but, as a basin supplied to NHS hospitals all around the country, it’s doing a marvellous job at the moment. With a back drainage outlet and no other holes for taps or overflows, this basin is best paired with sensor or elbow-operated taps and mounted on IPS to keep it all easy to clean.

Not seen at one of last year’s shows, but at Bridgwater Community Hospital.

There are so many interesting styles out there – try to think beyond the basic white suite! Check out my ‘Sanitaryware’ Pinterest page for a few more or, if you want to show me something you think I’ll love, send me a message.


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