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DKA Award Winner 2016 – Luke Gordon

13 June 2016

DKA is proud to support the RIBA Part I architecture students at the University of Bath. To recognise the students hard work, a small DKA judging panel takes the yearly pilgrimage to the University in search of the best computer generated graphics for the DKA Award.

Based on the graphics exhibited, the panel chose Luke Gordon as this years winner!

Congratulations Luke from all at DKA!

Project description:The story of Chepstow’s adaptation to change is portrayed through its collage of materials spliced between quaint cottages, historic mills and dramatic monoliths.  The conservation policies of CADW, (the Welsh Government’s historic environment service) sees historical buildings as “heritage assets” to be preserved with an “anxious care” typically of Ruskin’s influence.  This design project questions the sometimes stifling platform upon which Wales’ conservation policies rest and proposes extracting an alternative approach with a Ruskinian touch, to allow Chepstow’s historic buildings to flow with their users’ changing needs.

This project investigates the role of an architectural intervention to act as stimuli for the regeneration of Piercefield House, a long neglected manor designed by Sir John Soane.  The facility’s workshops for alternative conservation, restoration and training through the creative use of timber will see form demoted and supplanted by narrative, use and material to allow Chepstow’s historic buildings to be “re-appropriated” for modern life.

The scheme proposes a series of tectonic strategies that utilise honest, locally sourced materials to create an architecture that revitalises existing fabric, compliments landscape and has a valued agenda within the community.