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DKA proudly sponsor local production of Les Miserables

29 May 2015

For one week in April Prior Park was Paris 1832, they were manning the barricades hand in hand with the students fighting for Liberté, égalité and fraternité. This wasn’t the triumph of the French Revolution, that was long past, the monarchy was reestablished, and the poor were poorer than ever. This was the heroic failure of the student revolution when Paris turned its back and left its revolutionaries to die in the streets. This was Les Miserables.

DKA were sponsors of this years production of Les Miserables at Curtain-Up Theatre. DKA believe in supporting young people, and as a designer of schools, DKA benefit from association with creative, educational activities

The show was a great success and the audience enjoyed every minute, but what about the students, what do they get from these productions? Our education associate Andy Batty asked one student who said:

‘It’s interesting.You learn about the creators of the play, the history and the philosophy of the time by living it. You see life from different perspectives. You learn about yourself and others. It builds self confidence. You learn to deal with pressure and solve problems fast, especially costume malfunctions. You develop the ability to express yourself…’