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Prize Giving!

28 November 2014

The part that we’ve all been looking forward to after the drawing competition finally arrived… The Prize Giving!

After our exhibition at Bath Central Library, judging took place. The winners were shortly announced and we had two carefully wrapped boxes ready to present!

We first went to Moorlands Federation where Becky, David and Andy arrived at the start of assembly to present the winning and runner up entries. The year 6 children took part in our workshop at The Children’s Literature Festival and supplied us with the most entries which were all so creative and imaginative; the judges had a hard time picking a winner!

We then went to The Paragon School to present Rio with her prize at their Friday assembly. Becky and David were treated to an energetic assembly about courage and visited Rio’s classroom afterwards where she opened her prize with her classmates who were all excited to use their new art supplies!

We hope both classes enjoy their prizes and thanks to Moorlands Federation and The Paragon School for making the team from DKA feel so welcome.