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DKA, Women in Property and Herman Miller

12 February 2014

When the South West Branch of Women in Property sent out a flyer for a site visit to Herman Miller, (International HQ: VillageGreen) our interiors team were excited at the opportunity to admire the lovely furniture; to tempt them further, there was a chance to win a Herman Miller chair!

VillageGreen boasts the latest in environmental design and has been awarded not only BREEAM  ‘Excellent’ but also a ‘Gold’ LEED award. VillageGreen features the latest in sustainable design such as natural ventilation, recycled locally sourced aggregate materials, energy- efficient lamps and reduced water use… the sustainable design list has all its boxes ticked. The interiors are just as impressive as the architecture, yet there is a quality that goes beyond the sustainable design credits and the aesthetically pleasing designs. It’s the Herman Miller ethos. Staff are encouraged to work where they feel comfortable and collaboration is encouraged. The atmosphere is relaxed, light and inviting. 75% of spaces have natural daylight and 95% of the spaces have views. Work environments are laced with vibrant colours, comfortable seating areas are placed throughout and they are used as comfy work spaces as well as meeting/presentation areas.

The trip left Rebecca and Becky both enthused and inspired. And congratulations to Becky for being the lucky winner of a Herman Miller ‘Sayl’ chair!